Let’s take a look at three of Santa Fe’s awesome city parks!

It’s a little known fact that Santa Fe has almost 100 parks, 68 of which are developed, while 26 remain undeveloped. The city also boasts over 170 miles of walking trails.

The first stop on our city park tour is
SWAN Park on the south side of Santa Fe (0:25 in the video above). The park, whose name is a pleasant acronym for Southwest Area Node, lies between Jaguar and Tierra Contenta. It has playground equipment, recreational fields, and a picturesque setting. There’s beautiful grass to relax in and ample trees to hear the breeze. 

"Santa Fe boasts over 170 miles of walking trails." 

Next, let’s head over to the basketball courts at Ragle Park (1:00). As you can see, basketball is not my forte—but I’m an all-star at real estate! In addition to basketball courts, Ragle Park has baseball fields, walking trails, playgrounds, and it even has a concession stand for busy sporting events. This lovely spot on the east side of town is also home to my daughter’s favorite playground structure in all of Santa Fe (check out the three-tiered clubhouse at 1:23). 


The last—but not least—stop on our city park tour is the iconic Fort Marcy Park on the north side of the city. This park has an athletic complex with a full-size swimming pool, a gym, and locker rooms. It’s also home to our world-famous Zozobra marionette and the Sante Fe Fuego, our semi-pro baseball team. Fort Marcy Park offers plenty of playground equipment and exercise equipment for adults. 


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