Santa Fe Realty Ultd Talks Real Estate In Santa Fe NM Episode 3

Associate Broker David Themis gives a quick overview of the Heros Home Connection Program. 




Hello everybody David Themis here. Today I would like to just talk for a couple of minutes about the Heroes Home Connection. Heroes Home Connection is the New Mexico nonprofit organization that helps with closing cost assistance for qualified heroes. These qualified heroes include but are not limited to; doctors, nurses, fireman, police officers, social workers, forestry workers, park rangers, foster parents, the list goes on and on. Basically, if you wake up on a daily basis and you’re striving to improve people’s lives, your striving to help people, well we want to help you back!  That’s what we’re striving to do. Heroes home connection saved approximately $84,000 in 2017!!!  That’s substantial,  that’s a large amount of money that has helped a lot of people! So far 2018 we are at about 7000. But We’re looking forward to a good year. The only way we can help more people is through education, and that’s the reason I’m here today. The way this works is that all of your affiliates, your affiliate realtor like myself, your Affiliate lender like Miss Linsley, different title company affiliates, your home inspector affiliates, we all get together and we contribute toward your closing cost, we contribute to help you get into your new home.  If you’d like more for information about the Heroes Home Connection please feel free to clean click on the link I posted below or simply go to and read our testimonials, look at our pictures,  look at all the information we have on hand.  We are here to help and I hope you take avenge this program. Again, my name is David Themis with Santa Fe Realty Unlimited and I really hope you follow me on Facebook. Now see you later bye!!