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Leland Titus

Ortiz Mountains



Hey Leland Titus Here Santa Fe Realty Unlimited. I don't know if you can see the view behind me but I'm out here in the Ortiz mountains at a listing I have. It's 84 Silver Spur. They are asking $729,000.00 for this property. It's a really cool property, I just want to show you guys some of the features of this house. So, here we go, I will get started. This is the view from the front porch the house sits on forty acres out here in the Ortiz Mountains. Some of the really cool features of this house are the living room here, as we walk in you will see these are hand sewn logs. This living room was originally a two-story Log cabin built in 1815. It was built in Ohio during the civil war era. Basically, this property or house was run into by a car. It was a part of the historical society out there and it was run into by a car, it was knocked off the foundation, and the city that it was in was going to condemn it. The people that own it now went out to Ohio, deconstructed it, brought it here and turned it into the living room of this beautiful house. So, as you can see that was the second story there. You can see the rafters. Off to the left here we have the additional bedrooms. Basically, we have two additional bedrooms and a bathroom. I will walk you through these real quick. lots of natural light, high ceilings, closets here. we are all set with storage and ready to go. We have a nice little patio area out here with views of the Santa Fe Hills. This is your additional bathroom or guest bath it features cool checkered tiles down at the bottom ( the floor), some subway tile. Both in there and behind the tub. As you can see a clawfoot tub here. And solid wood doors throughout, and check out this hardware, guys! Look at this hardware on these doors, isn't that cool? so custom touches throughout. These lights were all custom, all the door hardware is all custom. And we are in the third bedroom, again, lots of natural light high ceilings. We will walk back out to the living room here. We have a passthrough into the kitchen here, Oh, there's Judy! (I sold Judy a house a week or so before this and was going to take her to lunch since i was in the area. She came along for a quick video shoot) Hahaha Trying to hide from us. This little area here could be another sitting area, or maybe an office, with another entrance out to the outdoors here. Cool little porch. Look at those views, wow. The Cerrillos hills, we have the Santa Fe Mountain, back behind these trees, beautiful. Over here we have a half bath, just a little bathroom. Look at these sconces, beautiful. Very high ceilings. This is your kitchen here, all top of the line appliances, Bosch. Look at this island, beautiful. Your view out your kitchen window. We have sliding doors that go out to the Ortiz here. Just look at this cabin from this side. wow, isnt that amazing! here we are in the master bedroom. We have a fireplace, its own door to the outside. lots of space for relaxing and enjoying your master bedroom. That there is a closet door as well but we'll just go around through the master bathroom to get into the master closet. Lots of storage, high ceilings. Here we are in the master bath, look at these walls look at these finishes. Subway tile beautiful tub, you can sit and catch the morning rays here. a little water closet with a Toto toilet, interesting stuff. there is also a little office off the master suite here or storage room or whatever you would like to use that for. Alright so here we are out at the horse facilities at this property and again, its 40 acres, so its got room to play. Now I'm sure that if you were an avid horse person you might change some stuff but this is what comes with the property. You can see off in the background there you have the Santa Fe Mountains The Sangre De Cristos, Over to the left here behind this tree, you have the Cerrillos mountains, with the Tetilla peak in the back there and then you have the Jemez back there. And, back on the other side of the house, you have the Ortiz mountains. You have basically views of every mountain range around from this property. If you or anyone you know might have an interest in this property, reach out to me. Leland Titus, Santa Fe Realty Unlimited 505-603-2435