Always get a home inspection!- Santa Fe Realty Ultd Talks Real Estate In  Santa Fe NM Episode 3

Juan Carlos Mora explains the importance of a home inspection.





Hi guys, we are live this is Juan Carlos Mora of Santa Fe Realty Unlimited. I just want to thank Leland Titus for starting this challenge today. We are going to be having a video series letting you guys know the pluses minuses of buying a house. If you guys have any questions, feel free give us a call, we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you guys might have.

If any of them(questions) should come up as far buying a house goes, You should consult with somebody, friends, family, and then talk to Realtors. Today the topic is going to be home inspections. Home inspections are very important. even though you could be walking into a brand new house and think "hey it doesn't need an inspection, you know its brand new, what could be wrong with it"? I was watching a couple youtube videos of home inspectors, and they walk into houses that are being built and there are so many code violations, so many things going wrong. And sometimes they just make houses way too cheap and way too fast that they do not have enough time to pay attention to all the details. So if you guys are buying a house that is being made at this moment, run an inspector out there. Just because they can catch certain things and you guys can fix it before you have to pay more down the line. the other thing is that if you run into a house and you decide not to do an inspection and you decide not to do an inspection you run the risk of Caveat Emptor which basically means that the buyer runs the risk of taking a house with problems whatever is wrong with the house he should know. He has done his own walkthrough, he has done his own inspection. At that point in time if you find something wrong with the house and you would like to sue somebody... you chose not to get an inspection. So that is a risk that you run. but hopefully, any house that you get run an inspection